My First Bikram Yoga Class

I will never forget my first class. Having never done a yoga class, let alone a Bikram Yoga class, I decided to look the part so I had on yoga pants, a workout tank and a t-shirt.  I felt very resourceful as well, having brought my own water bottle with me.  I arrived 20 minutes early to fill out paperwork and meet the teacher, Chris.   He was exactly what a yoga teacher looked like in my eye – svelte, calm, in control.  I felt strong, confident, ready.  But then he began to talk.  “Your goal for the class is to just stay in the room,”  he said.  “Oh, and you’ll need some more water,” he mentioned noticing my half drunk small bottle of water.  Now I was nervous.  If that was really my only goal, then this was going to be harder than I thought….

I set up in the back row in what I was told would be a cool spot.  The teacher was a popular one so the class was crowded.  I looked around the room and saw men and women of all ages, shapes, sizes and body types.  Nice.  The room was hot, very hot.  I was already in a sweat.  I took off my t-shirt.

The class began and I followed along as best as I could.  My shoulders ached from the breathing exercise, the sweat was running into my eyes, my legs were shaking, but still, I kept at it.  Chris explained everything so clearly and the monologue was so calming, that I just focused on his voice and did my best.  By the time we got to the floor series, I was thanking the yoga gods (and Chris!) that I had brought in more than my small bottle of water!

I attempted every posture – attempted being the operative word.  By the end of class, I was spent.  I had given all that I had and was a puddle of mush on my mat.  But I had done it.  I felt exhausted, but exhilarated.  I felt crazy, but calm.  I went home and cried from the sheer exhaustion and effort of it, but then began to feel empowered.  I had done it, and I was going back for more.

Fellow yogis, how was your first class?

7 thoughts on “My First Bikram Yoga Class

  1. My first Bikram Class Was when I was about 22 or 23 and I had seen the street sign for the yoga for some time and thought I would give it a try. So after a night of drinking and a little hung over I decided would be the best time to try this out. I mean I had heard it helps detox you. UMMMMM YEAH so we all know that didn’t end well. I ran out of the class not just walked but RAN!!!! I thought I was going to die!!!! After Leaving in a hurry I didn’t even take my mat with me I just left it there. I was over it! Or so I thought hahaha I went back the next day very sheepishly and told the instructor the story and they told me the same thing. my first goal would be to stay in class. I drank a lot of water and laid down for most of it but i did it and loved ever minute of it. I had become Hooked and I have gone through stages of going all the time and falling off the wagon. Soon I hope to jump back on because it really is amazing


  2. I just realized that my first Bikram Yoga class was way back in February 2010! I didn’t really have an idea of what Bikram Yoga was other than I knew I was going to sweat a lot. I wore head-to-toe cotton and refused to take the tank top off, even though I had a sports bra on underneath. I set up in the corner in the back row and refused to look at myself in the mirror for the first couple of weeks. Now, five years later, I practice consistently, wear a yoga costume consisting of a sports bra and boy shorts and set up my mat in the first row. Bikram Yoga has given me the confidence to do anything in my life. Now, I’m going to teacher training!!


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