My Mini Bikram Yoga Challenge

I have never done a 30-day challenge. My schedule is too crazy, with two young kids, meetings and writing for my advocacy work, weekend commitments and lots of travel. Or that is what I tell myself. I typically practice 4 or 5 times a week, which works well for me. Why rock the boat?

But last week I had a unique opportunity – no travel, no big weekend plans, and not an excuse left in the book. So I did a mini-challenge. I hadn’t started off with that in mind. I just went to class as I normally did each morning during the workweek and when the weekend rolled around, I just kept going. “Let’s see what happens,” I thought.


Saturday’s class (day 6) was a good one — hot because it was on the weekend, but not too bad since we tried an earlier time (thank you to all my readers that suggested that!). It seemed like a normal class — I was feeling flexible and strong as I usually do by the end of the week, but nothing out of the ordinary.

On Sunday (day 7), one of my favorite teachers was subbing, so I decided to go. It was a wonderful class. I felt more flexible than I have in a while, especially in the final part of Half Moon. I really had my stomach on my thighs, my chest on my knees, my face below my knees and my legs were almost locked! And it felt good. This flexibility was also evident in the sit-ups and in Head to Knee and Stretching Pose, especially the part when both legs are facing forward. Feeling good.

Day 8 started well, but my legs were tired. I was still feeling super flexible, but my quads were shaking in many of the balancing postures. On the other hand my back and shoulders were more open and I could even relax my shoulders down my back during all three parts of Awkward. That is usually a big challenge for me.

Alas, on day 9, I woke up with a terrible sore throat. My son had been complaining of a sore throat all week so no surprise, really. I was sad to break my yoga streak, but didn’t want to risk getting sicker, so I took the day off.

Luckily, I was back at it on Wednesday and the rest of the week, but my super flexibility was gone. One day off Bikram and I took a step back to reality, but what an interesting experiment. It made me crave another opportunity to extend my streak. I can only imagine the difference a 30-day challenge would bring…

Readers, how many consecutive days have you practiced?

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6 thoughts on “My Mini Bikram Yoga Challenge

  1. Right now I am on week 2 of the 8 week Bikram Challenge. I started last Monday and I’ve never done Bikram so it’s definitely an interesting experience for me. I’m learning about all of the poses and really trying to get more into the practice of focusing on my breath and not having expectations. It’s really great for me physically and mentally and even as a newbie, think it’s something I’m going to be with for awhile!


  2. It is really cool to go for 3 or 4 days in a row and see the difference in your body. However much flexibility I build up in those days declines exponentially for me if I take a day off. There’s something to say for people who have long term flexibility!


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