Monday Bikram Yoga Class is a Killer

Do you find Monday classes to be more difficult? I often do. My practice is usually limited to weekdays with my weekends filled with other activities (i.e. kids’ activities, errands, hiking, golf).  In my mind, I look forward to returning to Bikram on Mondays, but my body sometimes betrays me.  At the start of class I feel unusually stiff, creaky, and tight.  I take it slow, breathing deeply in the initial breathing exercise, letting the yoga do its magic to relax the body and work out the kinks from the weekend.

This Monday was no different.  I had played golf over the weekend so I was perhaps a little more sore than usual, especially in my lower back.  The breathing exercise helped, but I still felt tight heading into all four parts of half moon.  Second set was noticeably better. It took the full warmup to loosen things up, but the yoga worked its magic and my body was righting itself.

One of the my favorite things about Bikram yoga is that the sequence is the same every time.  It doesn’t matter the day of the week, the teacher, the geographic location – the class is that same.  I find this very reassuring, especially on days where I am stiffer than normal heading to class.  I trust the yoga and the experience, knowing that that while my body feels one way now, it will feel better by the end of class.  I can’t wait until Tuesday.

Does your practice change depending on the day of the week?

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