3 Simple Meditation Tips

I am proud to share my yoga and meditation tips on Mango Health. 

Meditation offers many health benefits, but it isn’t always easy to get started. Writer Shari Eberts struggled to commit to a meditation practice until she went to a yoga retreat and was introduced to three simple rules. Here she shares these key pieces of advice that helped her learn to meditate (and love it):


I had been trying to develop a meditation practice for about a year, but nothing had stuck. Then I attended a yoga retreat at a Japanese Buddhist Zen center in Colorado and when participants were invited to meditate with the monks, I jumped at the chance.

Many of the attendees were new to meditation, so the head monk gave a short talk on meditation the first night. He demonstrated how to sit, where to rest our hands, and provided three simple rules to follow.

1.  Don’t move.

2.  Don’t scratch.

3.  Don’t invite your thoughts to tea.

It sounded simple, but upon further reflection, I realized each rule encompassed an entire philosophy.

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When The Yoga Student Is The Bully

I have been to yoga classes where the teacher is harsh, scolds the students unnecessarily and generally acts like a bully. I try to avoid those teachers, and to be fair, they are few and far between in my experience. And usually there is some explanation for their behavior — everyone has a bad day once in a while.

But what do you do when the yoga student is the bully? I have seen yoga students fight with one another over mat setup or the temperature, but I had never seen a student bully the teacher — until the other day.

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Should You Always Listen To Your Yoga Teacher?

I was visiting family in California recently so had the chance to practice at a nearby Bikram yoga studio. I had been to this studio before and always enjoyed my classes there. This time was no different, except that the teacher was giving me corrections that I did not understand. I usually enjoy learning from new teachers and am open to all sorts of adjustments, but this time it just felt wrong. I did not know how to do what she was asking me to do or even what exactly she was asking me to try.

I felt uncomfortable so I decided to disregard her comments and continue on with my practice as is. It felt strange doing so. She did not seem to be bothered by it, so I relaxed, but it got me thinking — should you always listen to a yoga teacher when he or she gives you a correction?

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What Star Wars Taught Me About Using a Mantra

My family is obsessed with Star Wars. Yes, my son is eleven years old, but even without him, I have always been a sucker for an “underdog fighting for the freedom of the galaxy story.” So when the latest Star Wars film, Rogue One, came to theaters, we made sure we were there on opening night. Our expectations were high, but they were surpassed. And as with most things, I found a way to relate this experience to my yoga practice.


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