Bikram Before A Redeye?

Have you ever taken Bikram before a redeye?  I never had, but when I was in Seattle last week for Hearing Health Foundation‘s annual Hearing Restoration Project meeting, I thought I would give it a try.  Redeye flights usually kill me – I can never really fall asleep, and if I do, the flight is just too short to be worthwhile.  I almost always come down with a cold within a day or two after a redeye. I thought a Bikram class before the flight might relax me and set me up for a better sleep experience.  It was worth a try, right?  So that is what I did.  And it worked great!

I found a wonderful studio, Bikram Yoga U-District, and headed there for the 4:30 class.  The studio was clean and bright and the folks at the front desk were nice enough to keep an eye on my luggage so I could take the class worry-free.  After sitting still at a conference table for 2 days and overeating at group dinners for 2 nights, it felt so good to stretch out the aches and sweat out the toxins.  I must admit it was a rough class for me, probably due to the time change, so I took it a little easy and enjoyed the ride. The final savasna was a dream.

After class, I showered and headed right to the airport for the trip back to NYC.  I felt relaxed and somewhat serene.  I was ready for the flight.  Things went smoothly and I was able to fall asleep almost immediately and stay asleep for most of the flight.  I was still tired the next day, but I was able to function.  And, I am cold-free a week later.   Someone please find me some wood to knock on….

Fellow yogis, will you try a Bikram class before your next redeye?

4 thoughts on “Bikram Before A Redeye?

  1. I normally practice during the work week at 8 pm, and sleep great. I love this suggestion for practicing before a redeye. I have done it other way around — early morning class before a flight — and found myself incredibly relaxed throughout the airport security process, as well as on my flight. I will definitely keep bikram in mind before my next redeye or international flight. Thanks!

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