I Am Beautiful

Yesterday I discovered that I am beautiful. I guess that sounds kind of egotistical, and shallow, but I don’t mean it that way. In fact I don’t mean it in a physical way at all. I mean it in an “I’m at peace with myself” way. In an “I respect myself” way. In an “I love myself” way. Not in a “let me model for Vogue” kind of way, because, believe me, they wouldn’t want me. This is what happened.

I was at my regular Bikram yoga class, looking at myself in the mirror as I struggled with my alignment in bow pose, and I almost did a double take. Who was that woman in the mirror, working so hard, yet so peaceful? Her leg was shaking, but she was strong. Her hip was not properly aligned but she was working on it. Her head was crooked but she adjusted it. She was so focused and persistent in her pursuit of excellence, I broke into a big smile. Hey, that is me I realized. And I felt proud, and beautiful and strong. And then I fell out of the posture.

So reality set in, but the feeling stayed with me and I wanted to share it, because we all need to find our beauty in the mirror. Rather than focusing on what is wrong with what we see, let’s focus on the effort we are making to turn things around. Rather than focus on our flaws, let’s acknowledge the improvements we are making. Let’s see the passion and the progress. Let’s find our own beauty — the strength we have found to enter the hot room day after day to work on our body, our mind, and our peace.

I am beautiful. And so are you.

Fellow yogis, please share this post with the beautiful ones in your life.

4 thoughts on “I Am Beautiful

  1. I wish this experience wouldn’t be so rare, for you, for me and many others. And you’re absolutely right, Standing Bow just kicks ass! Like you say, it’s beauty, pride and strength all combined. And to see yourself point your fingers between your eyes, that’s such a powerful gesture. Powerful and beautiful. Thanks again for sharing.


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