Bikram Yoga Gratitude

Thanksgiving is always a good time to take a step back and remember how fortunate you really are. It is a time for fun and family, but also reflection and gratitude. As the holiday approaches here in the United States, I find myself increasingly grateful for my Bikram Yoga practice, the release and peace it gives me, and the numerous health and mental benefits it provides. Thank you all for reading and for sharing your experiences with me! Happy Thanksgiving!


Here are my top five Bikram Yoga thank-yous for 2015. What are yours?

  1. Increased energy: When I started practicing 6 years ago, I was always exhausted. Now I have the energy I need to tackle my day.
  2. Better sleep: For years, I awoke every night at 3 am and tossed and turned while my mind raced. Now I sleep until morning.
  3. Higher confidence: As I learn to better handle challenges in the hot room, I gain confidence that I can tackle whatever stands in my way.
  4. Improved mental state: My 90-minute meditation helps me bring my best self to bear for my family and friends.
  5. Deeper feelings of community: Thank you to all my readers for creating this wonderful community with me!

Fellow yogis, what are you most grateful for in your practice?

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