What Happened To My Feet?!?

I am sad to report that I can no longer comfortably wear my most favorite pair of summer pumps. They are gorgeous. They are Prada. And they were very expensive! I always liked to wear them to show off my Bikram yoga calves, but alas, they are no more. My feet are too big! Too wide to be exact. Is this from the yoga?


Since I stopped growing, my feet have always been the same size. All right, I admit it, they went up 1/2 size after the birth of my first child, but they have stayed constant since then, which is coming on 12 years. I loved that my feet never changed size so I could justify purchasing fancy, fabulous shoes, even if they were expensive, because I knew I would have them forever. Really, forever.

But there has been a new development. My feet have expanded! I have not gained weight or had any children recently, so maybe it is the yoga. I guess it makes sense, given all the balancing we do on one foot or the other. My body has changed in so many other ways — smaller waist, larger biceps, more defined shoulders — that it makes sense my feet would change too.

But, I guess all yin comes with some yang. For example, my hamper always smells like the men’s locker room at the gym. I sweat like a pig at inopportune times. You can read about that here. And now my feet are too big for my fancy shoes!

All in all, the impact of Bikram yoga on my health and life is so positive, I guess I can handle a few complications. Plus, it is a good excuse to do a little shoe shopping…

Readers, has your yoga practice changed your body in mysterious ways?

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