Hot Off The Mat Turns 1!

How time flies when you are having fun — and doing yoga — and writing about it. Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary for Hot Off The Mat. It has been an incredible year of sharing my experiences both on and off the mat with you. Thank you to all of my readers for your support, likes, comments and just for reading. It is a wonderful community for me, and I hope also for you.

This week, click through to enjoy some of the most popular posts on Hot Off The Mat this past year.  Enjoy and Namaste!


Please enjoy some of my most popular posts over this past year.

  1. Tips For A Great First Bikram Yoga Class
  2. Yogis That Inspire Me – Meet 70 Year Old Sandra 
  3. Catfight in Bikram Yoga Class!?!
  4. Should We Throw The Baby Out With The Bathwater?
  5. Mom, Please Go To Bikram So We Can All Have A Better Day
  6. I Sweat Like A Pig! Or Is It Like A Dog?
  7. What Happened To My Feet?!?
  8. Ode To A Bikram Yoga Teacher
  9. My First Yoga Retreat – Stretching The Mind More Than The Body
  10. Is Taking Your Spouse To Bikram Yoga Good For Your Marriage?

Readers, are you celebrating any anniversaries?

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