Mom, Please Go to Bikram So We Can All Have A Better Day

“Mom, please go to Bikram so we can all have a better day.”

This is a direct quote from my 9 year old son this past Saturday.  I was waffling about going to class on Saturday morning since we had a bunch of errands to run and a busy plan for the day.  But out of his mouth, came a truism.  If I went to a Bikram yoga class, I would have a better day, and so would the family.  The whole family laughed when he said this, and immediately shooed me out the door to class.  And we did have a better day – less yelling and frustration, and a lot more laughing and relaxed family time.  Ninety minutes very well spent.

That got me thinking about something that teachers often say at the end of class – that the time you take for class is not purely selfish time, but is more than that.  Some go as far as to say that taking class is sort of like paying it forward – as the strength and peace you get from class are passed to others you encounter during the day.  While I always thought this was somewhat true, my son put it in such simple terms that it really sunk in.  I could always see that going to class was a positive for me – better health, more energy, and a greater sense of calm, but it took my son to show me how it so clearly impacts others in my life as well.  We all have a better day when I go to Bikram yoga class.  It’s just a fact.  I am grateful there is such a simple way to guarantee a better day.

Fellow yogis, do your friends and family push you out the door to class?

7 thoughts on “Mom, Please Go to Bikram So We Can All Have A Better Day

  1. […] Time for reflection: My practice gives me 90 minutes of “me time” that I can use to reflect and to refocus on me. It strengthens my mind for all that lies outside the hot room and helps me bring my better self to bear for my family and friends.  Mom, Please Go to Bikram So We Can All Have a Better Day […]


  2. […] Practicing Bikram yoga is time consuming — 90 minutes for class, plus showering and travel time can take two to three hours each day. That is a large investment of time and energy. But I make this investment so I can be my better self — healthier, calmer, stronger and more balanced in my approach to the rest of the day. It is selfish time, but also selfless time, as a better me benefits everyone around me. It’s like my son said to me in my early days of my Bikram yoga practice, “Mom, please go to Bikram so we can all have a better day.” […]


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