Thank You Bikram Yoga!

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches here in the United States, I find myself reflecting with gratitude on my Bikram Yoga practice, the release and peace it gives me, and the numerous health and mental benefits it provides. In addition, I am so grateful that I can share my practice with all of you through Hot Off the Mat. Thank you for reading and for sharing in my Bikram Yoga community! My best wishes to all of you for a great holiday!


HOTM’s Top Ten Bikram Yoga Thank Yous For Thanksgiving 2014

  1. Improved health and stamina: When I started practicing 5 years ago, I was always exhausted. My life wore me out. Now I have the energy to not only tackle my day, but to enjoy it.
  1. Arm muscles: Not that they are huge, mind you, but I never had a stitch of muscle on my stick figure arms. Now when I flex, I can see my biceps.
  1. More peaceful sleep: For years, I awoke every night at 3 am and tossed and turned while my mind raced. Now I sleep through the night.
  1. Yoga breathing: I use my yoga breathing to calm myself both on and off the mat. It gives me confidence in what were previously nerve-wracking situations for me, like public speaking.
  1. Clearer skin: It is true what they say; clearer pores help my skin look healthier and younger.
  1. Challenging work: Through my practice I am always pushing myself to take on new challenges. While the postures are the same every day, my practice is different. If I can make progress on my challenges in the hot room, I believe I can make progress on any challenge.  The One You Dread is the One You Need
  1. A warm and embracing community: I love that I can walk into any Bikram Yoga studio around the world and find the comfort of the practice and a community of like-minded yogis.  Practicing Bikram Yoga Around The World
  1. A little heat in the cold of winter: I hate the cold, so the heat of the studio keeps me going during these tough winter months.
  1. Time for reflection: My practice gives me 90 minutes of “me time” that I can use to reflect and to refocus on me. It strengthens my mind for all that lies outside the hot room and helps me bring my better self to bear for my family and friends.  Mom, Please Go to Bikram So We Can All Have a Better Day
  1. All my readers at Hot Off the Mat: My blog is only a few months old, but I am already so grateful for the wonderful community it is creating. Thank you to all my readers for sharing their experiences and wisdom with me.

Fellow yogis, what are you most grateful for in your practice?

2 thoughts on “Thank You Bikram Yoga!

  1. I concur fully! This practice is incredibly powerful. Little did I know when I started 3 1/2 years ago…amazing! I’m thankful for discovering Bikram yoga in the first place and having a great studio to practice at on just about a daily basis.

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